What You Must Know Before Obtaining an SBR in Texas


Sawed-off rifles were regarded as crime weapons. People also call them as coachman gun as they were used by stage coach drivers when shooting closely with bandits.

It had become unlawful to acquire them due to the belief that a sawed off rifle is much more deadly than a long-barreled gun. The pattern spreads more quickly when a firearm barrel is shortened. Eventually, some states established rules for sawed-off rifles possession. However, some states have additional provisions allowing their citizens to own them on condition that they have the required federal government licenses.

The NFA examiners honored this guideline for a long period. Private ownership of short-barreled rifles and also short-barreled shotguns was permitted. However, some states wanted to use their provisions to bar private ownership of these weapons. Therefore, the guidelines have been changed in the last few years.

In The state of Texas, residents can apply for NFA guns ownership. SBRs have shorter than sixteen inches of gun barrel or barrels. It is possible to make your own short-barreled rifle but you must apply for a license from the ATF so that you can buy the parts. You can not buy or bring home all the parts you need to make the firearm before you obtain approval of the ATF, to do so is considered as constructive possession.

To apply for the permit, you will need to determine the specs of the rifle that you’d like to put together. Also, you will need to provide the specific features of the gun that you would like to modify. For instance, if you have a 16-inch barrel AR gun that you would like to shorten, you have to determine the  actual length of the altered gun barrel and have the unique code of the rifle.

The next task is to fill out the ATF Form 1, which is available from the BATFE web page. After you complete the Form 1, you have to mail it to the BATFE along with the $200 tax payment. From then on, it’s waiting time for the federal tax stamp approval. You will be all set once you get it. Do not forget to carry duplicates of your tax stamp forms at all times as this will keep you from major legal problems.

The most challenging part of accomplishing the ATF Form 1 is usually obtaining the signature of a Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO). You have the cash to buy the SBR or the SBR parts, submitted your pictures and finger prints, but to ask a person who does not know you to sign-off your gun ownership application is often difficult. The CLEO’s signature is required regardless if you will purchase or assemble an SBR. To circumvent this requirement, you can utilize an entity, just like an NFA Trust Texas. What you need to provide are two copies of the Form 1 with your signature, one copy of the notarized NFA Trust Texas and $200 payment.

The fees and penalties for breaking NFA rules are maximum of ten years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine. An NFA violation has serious repercussions in order to deter individuals from ignoring the law. There are cases of individuals who break regulations and some of these involve technical issues of the NFA that needs to be learned at the beginning in order to avoid offenses. Also, it is very important not to make an effort to acquire or otherwise use or own these items without the required license. Considering that an NFA Trust Texas lawyer or attorney can create a trust to fulfill the special requirements of a person, the trust may protect the firearm owner as well as his family members from unintentional infractions of state and federal gun regulations.

In case you find it tough to take in all of the NFA laws, requirements, paperwork, etc., consult with a lawyer. This particular blog post is not meant to be taken as legal advice. Only an attorney is qualified to provide legal advice.


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